Crazy Samsung Marketing

On February 9, Samsung Electronics will conduct “All Year Door (Hourly)” “Galaxy S22 Crazy Coupon” and “Crazy Coupon” app. It is very likely that the Galaxy S22 will be introduced with two carrier phone models: one that will be offered by some major telecom carriers, and the other by EE, Deutsche Telekom and others, which will be introduced on the online channels at EE and O2. Samsung Electronics has a system to create mass marketing system through which it is able to launch limited-edition models of mobile devices as soon as one month before the official release.

Furthermore, the marketing of the Galaxy S22 series is expected to get even more aggressive through the special promotions at major telecom carriers and even in the shops. Through the promotion of the feature phones, the Galaxy Note9 and the Galaxy S22 will be heavily marketed with the normal version, and the S9 and S9+ will be fully marketed and released, respectively, later. Through the special promotions at some telecom carriers, the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S9 and S9+ will also be able to achieve high sales.