Always saying, “I see as much as I know”

Marketers who are not skilled and do not think and reflect on themselves are like accessories to the company. Elon Musk is the same. People may say don’t swear at me for being good at marketing, but I don’t think so. But the experience at that time was of great help to me now, 10 years later. It is enough to eat and live just by doing better than others. Why? I just hated the image reminiscent of the nuance itself. So I reviewed the comic book I read on my blog, but “Of course” my article was not exposed to the top. At that time, I thought they looked cool and I made money by reviewing comic books and advertising. In the end, the essence of sales is divided into only two. What if you reached the level of being good at marketing? Compared to others, you will have a really huge weapon. There is no need to say it with a bitter mouth. To be exact, I don’t know if it’s okay to call someone like that a marketer. When others are at war with knives, I fight on a fighter plane. Excellent marketers never starve. My brother often tells me that offline is easier than online when he meets me. It is natural that the nature of sales should be excellent. I admit, the world is wide and there is much more to learn from the world than I know. When I was in high school, I was obsessed with comic books, and there were bloggers on Naver who were reviewing comic books on Naver. Even by applying the principles that I knew as a high school student at the time, I could expose all the medium-sized keywords to the top. I found the logic by posting articles on blogs several times and analyzing other top exposed bloggers. Whether or not you can expose your blog to the top will make a few times as many as tens of times difference in sales. The details have only changed a lot. Thinking about how to plan and promote my product or service, how to brand our company, what customers want and what they don’t like, sales, branding, advertising, all “What should I do with marketing?”It comes down to the words ” Marketing is a god. However, those who know how to theorize and think on their own, constantly think about how to make my marketing work, and who have produced their own theories and results in the process are not like that at all. Whether it is the best product or the best service in the world, it has no meaning in existence itself. Of course, these days, blogs have a lot of terms such as C-rank, blog, Jisoo, and Jun Choi-ble, and it has changed a lot, so it has not been easy to adapt, but in fact, I think the essence is the same now. Can’t you tell from the fact that marketing is titled God? Always saying, “I see as much as I know” is the truth. I thought this was crazy, so I started right away. ” Online business has a lot of young people in their 20s and 30s, but offline competitors now have a lot of middle-aged people who retired after receiving severance pay.” Experience of experience? It only happens when we roll together on the field. Being good at marketing means having the ability to be almost God. I am not good at marketing when I write this article. I hated marketing from my childhood to my school days. Does he develop or promote products? In the end, marketers cannot be separated from planning, and talented marketers are planners. This is because there are many people in the world who are not interested in marketing at all and are ignorant of it. In fact, at first, I couldn’t understand why talented friends were so obsessed with marketing and talked about marketing. I’m finally getting to know how to approach sales or services and marketing. If you can do marketing well, you can become a world-class rich man and CEO of a famous brand. In the digital age and information age, people who are good at the Internet are much more advantageous no matter what they do. However, minors gave up halfway knowing that they could not earn advertising income. It is the marketer’s capability and ability to naturally permeate advertising into everyday life, make customers sympathize with the value of our products and services, inform more people, and make many people want to have my products. If you look at it in a small way, you may imagine simply managing marketing and attaching promotional materials, but if you look at it in a large way, you can talk about Steven Jobs Elon Musk. It was around 2012, but at that time, there was Naver’s top exposure logic and I didn’t keep it. So for me, marketing is an area that failed people do, and there was a perception embedded in me that “advertising is not a good thing.” However, as time passed after I started my business, my perception of marketing changed completely. Give an example of a personal advertising route: Nike’s Just do it phrase Coca-Cola’s Polar Bear iPhone Apple founder Steven Jobs is not a developer but a world-class marketer. He is humble and has a good personality, but he is also good at making about 1 billion won a year. Of course not now. Marketing is a god. The most important thing in sales is the value of “product” or “service” itself. You have to inform others and promote them. That’s marketing. However, with my level of planning, knowledge, and experience, I am confident that sales of ordinary interior stores in the neighborhood will double and triple, and sales to lawyers, tax accountants, and accountants will also jump that much. I have a brother who I am close to these days, and he runs a business mainly offline. Often, the area of selecting many people refers to those who work at the bottom, not at the top of the company, and the marketing department selects a lot of people and a considerable number of new employees are deployed. The second is marketing. I don’t understand.