Advertising Marketing Industry Forecast in 2022

In one direction of enhancing the agency’s D2C brand startup investment agency’s skills, there was an idea that it applied the experience and knowledge of commercialization as a brand. 5. It is classified into four categories: Audience, Trust, Teasing, and Discovery according to the influence variables from purchasing behavior, and each analyzed Audience = Many People Like, Trust = People Like, Nolidge = You Can See Good Things Compared to Others, and Discovery = You Can Meet Your Favorite. Unlike the failure of the second life, the level of immersion is different this time, so it is likely to be a parallel world. Prior to that, we were taking a method called the AB test, but this may be the YZ test that compares whether it really works or which is the worst creative.

Definition and perception of connected TV: How to combine with broadcast frames? The first is connected TV. In the concept of “influence factor” proposed by Trenders last year, users’ behavioral attitudes to access information through SNS are classified into four, explaining the essence that touches each characteristic behavior and heart. This is because the World Bank lowered the growth rate of the global economy in 2022 due to the explosive infection of Omikron, but Japan expects 2.9% growth, up from the original level, and consumption to recover significantly from spring. This article summarized “Industry Human Bem” – Advertising Marketing Industry Forecast in 2022″ written by Ryuji Yokoyama in Japan’s Ad-Time. Then, there are Netflix (it seems that there are still less TV screen viewing in Japan than in the United States), Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Hulu, but I think it is currently only a TVer that has an advertising range. (On the contrary, there are cases where the initiative is digital, but the process remains analog thinking.) For example, the application of indicators or ideas used by data and digital from the conventional “experience and feeling” of television planning or CM production begins. 6. Although it has a very narrow meaning, connected TV is defined as high-quality content created by broadcasting stations and production companies that watch on connected TV screens (basic screens). AI, which uses creative user reactions as data, will be widely used. Now that the right to organize is completely passed on to viewers, simultaneous delivery streaming news, weather forecasts, and sports broadcasts (real-time worth content) will be consumed more and more, led by recipients. So, if an agency invests in such a startup and sends people, and commercializes and succeeds, it becomes a new monetization other than proxy services. 2. It has gained great value through NFT, and in a way, a digital content culture that is shaken in the opposite direction at once may bloom in the trend that existing digitalization has collapsed the copyright business. The so-called connected TV has just begun, and the targeting transmission of the advertising screen will begin from now on, but assembling it in consideration of the role of CM that can be targeted online and CM by broadcasting will be a point to promote the attitude change of the target. Ryuji optimistically predicted the Japanese advertising marketing industry this year. “Model to change attitude (Six site model)” Among them, the concept of ‘sympathetic perception’ through SNS is being raised. In contrast to YouTube’s forced CM insertion, television can also arrange in a more native direction by targeting with the sense of accepting CM that has accumulated for a long time. In Japan, where the Ministry of Propaganda began practicing DX, it seems that the Ministry of Propaganda has yet to have a relationship with DX. In the past, the barriers were very high because marketing alone did not end when it became a business. In addition, the level of AI will rise significantly in brand advertisements. In SNS analysis, Bem, who establishes a style of discovering insights and designing communication, suggests that the ‘middle panel’ referred to in panel theory should be defined in more detail by brand. 7. It is an area that combines the knowledge of television CM with the knowledge of online video CM. To meet this demand, a support center must be established at a huge cost. However, since the platform is developing these functions individually, it seems that the cross-sectional automatic bidding function rarely fits the cost-effectiveness of the development. This will also evolve into a step forward and write a creative brief based on data. There is also a rapid growth of operational advertisements, so functions such as automatic bidding have been required in fields where many workers are used. You can raise the unit price of advertisements by quality rather than quantity. More than a year after the CCPA enforcement of California law, the concept of data subject request (DSR) is infiltrating in the United States. 4. Not only Nike and Adidas, but also fashion, art, music, and e-sports are all participating. Surfaces of corporate data retention risks: It has been a long time since the word “DSR” and zero party data “utilization of data” were used, but the era of high risk has come when it comes to personal information retention. In this content consumption environment, the value of the inventory can be increased by posting advertisements that allow delicate replacement unique to online. This clarifies the user’s right to demand data collection companies from data collection companies, such as Show me what data they are collecting Erase my collected data 내 Tell me how they are guessing my profile using my data. He no longer predicted 2020 for the last time, but predicted the advertising industry this year in 2022 . In addition, startups also need absolute knowledge of marketing, especially fan marketing, and surprisingly have a complementary relationship. Since this is the “experience” itself, it is nonsense for marketers who usually use the word “brand experience” not to experience metabuses! 3. Yokohama Ryuji has been contributing a column predicting the advertising industry in January every year by sending knowledge on marketing and digital marketing called “Industry Human BEM” on her blog. In the future, it is thought that a model that starts the entire design of communication development with analysis through SNS will be established, as this Influence Factor thinks. It is a content that advertisers can put advertisements with confidence, which is supplied online to TV screens. In terms of banner advertising, there was an example of creatively introducing AI. This year, there will be a wave of agencies investing in D2C startups to send people out and revive technologies that have experienced actual businesses in agency services. . What is the DX of the propaganda department? When it comes to DX, it’s easy to think of it as a digital policy, but even if it’s an analog policy, it’s a great DX that digital thinking does to the process. And how to send messages suitable for each type and trying to be creative are the contents of Trenders’ recommendation. 1. In addition, CM creative power is quantified with CM’s viewing quality data (e.g., screen gaze). The first year of full-scale use of advertising business AI, 2022 will be the first year for AI to penetrate the advertising business in earnest. AI is expected to be introduced first in the operational advertising area, but other signs of starting up. Yokohama Ryuji has been contributing a column predicting the advertising industry in January every year by sending knowledge on marketing and digital marketing called “Industry Human BEM” on her blog. The point is how much TV screen viewing of online videos will be expanded in the future. Not to mention the radical metabus experiment of metabus brand experience, but there are already people who make a lot of money from the fashion and accessories of the metabus world. This has the purpose of three combinations: 타 target rich supplementation 퀀 prequancy correction 쌍 attitude change effect by two-way contact, which Bem has previously proposed. Therefore, CM’s sense of viewing is very important. The CM range of connected TV has its value in two aspects of the supplementation and synergistic effect of television CM. However, in certain product categories, it is highly likely that the concept on SNS and communication design are based, not on TV advertisements. Changing the arrival index of television CM from GRP to the number of impressions is digitalization. There are fewer businesses that have been driven by human skills or efforts than original advertisements. Even if you ask the agency people to start a startup right away, it needs another talent and human power. It may be that data has succeeded in valuable informatization, but otherwise, it is possible that it will be a great risk in itself. The “Influence Factor,” a purchase behavior analysis method on SNS announced by Trenders in 2021, classifies SNS users as an axis of purchase behavior, not attributes. As for products in a specific category, it is clear that the acquisition of information from SNS, contact attitude, and the “factor that touches the heart” at that time lead to purchase decision-making. In that sense, the data that companies claim to be 1st party data must also be deliberately and actively shared by consumers with the company = “zero party data.” Zero party data includes “individual purchasing trends or tastes,” “contexts (contexts) related to personal background or consumption,” and “doctors such as how individuals want companies to recognize themselves.” Companies will have to reconsider whether consumers can provide such value to trade off personal information. During 2022, the propaganda department’s DX must begin to define something in-house, and the propaganda department will start in detail. And as expected, creativity will be the biggest variable. Naturally, empirical experiments that bring brand experiences to users in this world are starting. He summarized the article 2 as “Industry Human Bem” written by Ryuji Yokoyama in Ad-Time Japan – Prediction of the Advertising Marketing Industry in 2022. Of course, there are categories in which SNS has a great influence and some are not.