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Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey

Founder - Nifty

Mike Ramsey is President of Nifty Ventures and founder of Nifty Marketing and Nifty Law. Mike and the Nifty Law team bring digital marketing, website design, SEO and content marketing to firms nationwide. Mike is the author of “Winning at Local Search” and a partner at LocalU, which provides conferences in the realm of local search marketing. A speaker at marketing events such as Avvo Lawyernomics, MozCon and Pubcon, Mike has been featured on Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and SEOmoz. Follow him on Twitter @mikeramsey.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Gyi Tsakalakis

Founder - AttorneySync

Gyi Tsakalakis helps lawyers win business online because that’s where clients are looking. He has the dubious dual designation of lawyer & SEO. He founded AttorneySync because lawyers should expect better from their marketing people. AttorneySync is a Moz Local Trusted Provider and Avvo SEO Partner agency. Gyi is a contributor to Moz’s annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey. He currently serves as Co-Chair on the ABA’s Client Development Committee. He regularly speaks and writes on the intersection of client development and the web. He’s a Co-Host of the Clienting and Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcasts. He’s also an advisor at Lawmatics and Of Counsel Levinson and Stefani Injury Lawyers.

Mark Homer
Mark Homer

Founder - GNGF

As co-founder and CEO of the law firm marketing agency GNGF, Mark uses a strong blend of technology, marketing, consulting, and management experience gained from his twenty years in the business world to lead the GNGF team in delivering targeted and efficient results with high-touch service. Mark gained in-depth business technology expertise at IBM, where his team helped develop some of the first corporate websites. As a co-founder of the marketing technology leader eshots, inc., he developed award-winning campaigns for many Fortune 500 brands.

Mark has delivered presentations across the U.S. and internationally to business owners of all kinds, from attorneys to executives at Fortune 500 companies. When not managing the day-to-day operations at GNGF, Mark can usually be found enjoying time with wife and two sons or trying to brew up another batch of craft beer.

Casey Meraz
Casey Meraz

Founder - Juris Digital

Casey Meraz has been helping law firms grow their practices through digital marketing for over 10 years. As someone who has worked directly in law firms and understands the entire case intake process from a phone call to signing a client. Casey has successfully optimized many firms lead and intake processes to help firms increase their lead volume and sign higher value cases. Casey got his start in SEO at Intuit where he was instrumental in building the SEO program for their small business division. He is widely regarded as a local search authority and law firm marketing authority having published over 200 articles on search marketing tactics.

Conrad Saam
Conrad Saam

CEO - Mockingbird

After leading marketing efforts for Avvo, Conrad Saam left and founded Mockingbird, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on the legal market. Called the “Gary V of Legal”, Conrad is the author of The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide, a Google Small Business Advisor and has held positions for various ABA’s Practice Management marketing committees. In his spare time, he enjoys publishing Cease and Desist letters from unscrupulous vendors called out for misleading the legal industry. Conrad is the proud owner of Zippy, the first and only chicken to be awarded the Lawyers of Distinction Top 10% Award, which recognizes lawyers willing to pay a $700 annual subscription to a plaque.

Mischelle Davis

Mistress of Everything Not Legal - Davis Law Group

Mischelle has combined communications and technology for high profile firms like Microsoft, Vulcan Ventures, Summit Software and Primus Knowledge. In 2007 she relented and finally joined her husband at the Davis Law Group. Mischelle has used her deep understanding of technology and communications to create Seattle’s most powerful Personal Injury website. She is the owner of a teacup poodle who became the second ever canine winner of the coveted Lawyers of Distinction Top 10% Award – which she promptly turned into a linkbuilding opportunity for Davis.

Nate Bruns

VP of Advertising - Mockingbird

Nate Bruns is the Director of Advertising at Mockingbird. He’s responsible for managing millions of dollars of ad spend per year, and spends most of his time diving head first into spreadsheets and data dumps. An avid proponent for automation, he welcomes our robotic overlords and looks forward to the day A.I. “steals all our jobs.” Nate has over 10 years experience working in the digital marketing industry, both SEO and PPC. He has a famous dog named Penny who can be seen walking around in Mockingbird’s hero video, and he’s a true Seattleite who enjoys a good IPA, the Sounders, the Sonics and the Seahawks. Moon’s haunted.

Ted DeBettencourt

President - Juvo Leads

Theodore M. DeBettencourt (Ted) is the Co-Founder of Juvo Leads and is a non-continental US Citizen (3rd generation Martha’s Vineyard native).  As an islander Ted was first called to the sea like his ancestors before him – but after watching Jaws a few too many times he knew he was more apt to being a “fisher” of leads than of actual fish. Leaving his calling to the sea behind him, Ted created Juvo Leads as way for law firms to not only get more chat leads, but to also reduce the rampant phone and form lead cannibalization he saw from websites using the only chat services that were on the market at the time.  Hence Juvo Chat was born – but Ted quickly realized to optimize for Total Leads you need to track phone leads and form leads too.  So Juvo Chat became Juvo Leads – helping law firms capture more leads through chat, while tracking every form submission and phone call they earn.

Maddy Martin

Head of Growth and Education - Smith.AI

As YourMechanic’s GM of Content and Head of Marketing, Maddy created the leading car repair advice website and live Q&A platform, YourMechanic Advice but she’s never turned a wrench. Before that, Maddy ran marketing at Food52, an award-winning online home-cooking community, where she led their partnerships with Whole Foods Market, Yahoo!, and more (she actually cooks, and even has a culinary degree).
Now, Maddy runs growth and education at Smith.ai, a virtual receptionist and web chat service based in Palo Alto, CA  a primo HQ location she ditched in favor of her hometown of brutally cold cozy Buffalo, NY. 
Jared Correia

Founder - Gideon Software

After washing out of the Coast Guard because he was allergic to the wool uniforms, Jared Correia finished law school anyway.  When he told the Career Development Office there that he wanted to become a business consultant to lawyers, they told him to find a ‘real job’.  But, he went ahead and did it anyway, and several years later the law school contracted to hire him . . . as a business consultant.  Now, he runs a Red Cave Consulting, a law practice management consulting company with global reach, and (because he’s got so much time on his hands) cofounded Gideon Software, a legal technology company providing chatbots to law firms.  When he’s not failing in his efforts as a home handyman, Jared is planning for the grand opening of the bicoastal ‘Route 90 Christmas Trees’, with business partner Conrad Saam.

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